Change Up Rules

Are we allow to intake the ball of other team and keep it with us through all the match. ( We will keep the ball and it move with the robot).

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yes, but no more than 3 of their balls at a time. Please read the manual before posting threads here.


Thanks. I read the SG8 in the manual about ball limit. But I don’t actually get the whole things. Can you explain a little bit of it.

As stated up above YOU may not have greater than (3) Balls of the opposing Alliance’s (Other Teams) color at once. Now that means when you have a Alliance (Teammate), you may not Possess a total of more than six (6) Balls
of its opposing Alliance’s (Other Teams) color at once. The last part basically means you have 3 and your teammate can only have 3, which is a total of 6. :smiley:

I take it that you meant your partner?

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U can hold 3 balls of the opposing color at any time, but cannot possess anymore than that, otherwise u will be dq’d, I believe at least. Someone correct me if I’m wrong

Hi. If you are carrying 3 opposite balls and keep it through the whole match. R u still allow to pick some more opposite balls but will drop in the goal after. I saw this in the manual but just want to make sure

At no point in the match can you possess more than three balls of the opposing color.

I saw "Robots that violate this rule must stop all Robot actions except for those actions that are attempting to remove the excess Ball. " below this rule

That would basically mean u need to get rid of that ball or else u are gonna be disabled or dq’d at least that’s how I would interpret it

SG8 “Robot may not have a greater-than-momentary possession of more than three balls of it’s opposing alliances color at once. When two robots of the same alliance are working in tandem and blocking balls, those robots may not possess a total of more than 6 balls of it opposing alliances color”

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No, if you have more than three, then you must stop all robot actions except for those that would remove the ball.

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