Change up - semi wallbot question

Does anybody know whether it is legal to intentionally dropping a a curved metal plate (made of legal vex materials obviously) in front of a goal so that it can’t be de-scored.

This would be illegal as per rule G5

Keep your Robots together. Robots may not intentionally detach parts during the Match or leave
mechanisms on the field

I don’t think you can as I do remember when my team accidentally lost a wheel in a practice round and we were given a warning since it didn’t affect the game but did come off.

Even if they were still technically attached with string for example?

If the piece is attached by string, I think that might be a different case. I see that being legal myself, and NorCal’s RI3D from last season was a good example of how detachable sections/parts of robots can be legal when attached with string.

I would say that your best bet would be to ask it on the Q&A just to be safe (and also so you have something official to show to referees) when it opens next week.


If it is connected, then it is legal.

but take note of the following:

  1. if it is just connected by string, it might cause entanglement (which is iillegal)
  2. if it is just connected by string, will it be too flimsy that it will be pushed off easily?
  3. And make sure that curved plate is not latching or anchoring on any field elements

I have a cap bot design with a spool. Basically it releases the cap inside the goal, and puts constant tug on the string so that it is much harder to tangle up in. It would pretty much just be a straight line that could bend around the middle tower possibly, but with good driving shouldn’t be a problem for other teams getting tangled in it.

Note: spool is passive, no motor required


How did you create the passive spool?

Check out this thread for an example.

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Is the spool on the bottom powered by a motor?

passive = not powered by a motor

I understand, but how did the spool passively turn while not pulling the deployed wall away?

I believe the wall stays because its tension against the walls is greater than the tension required to spin the spool. But @224x could answer this better than anyone else.


Also make sure that it doesnt collide with the possession rule

The string is just loose on the spool so when you drive away it unspools, it’s like if you get a big fish on a line and don’t hold the reel it will unwind because you’re stationary and the fish is moving so the string naturally unwinds


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