Change up - teamwork and skills question

I was wondering whether you could make slight changes to your robot between teamwork and skills matches - E.G in teamwork having a certain c-channel on the robot but for skills take it off

I’ve never heard of a rule that prevents this but that does sound kinda sketchy to me. I know that during matches I have removed c channels from the bottom of my bot prevent being stuck on things and wasnt called on it, but what ur describing sounds much more methodical then last minute repairs and revisions


I don’t want to reveal what we’re exactly planning to do yet but if there’s something that will help us in teamwork but not help us in skills can we intentionally remove it in skills?

As I said before I’ve never heard of someone doing that before and have never read a rule prohibiting it, my best advice would be just try it out at a competition. I hate to say this but really as long as nobody saw, I guess it would be fine, I’ve seen people do much worse at a competition

Do you think it’s worth asking on the official Q&A whether this is allowed?

I would cuz it would suck to get kicked from a tournament for something like that

Yes, you are allowed to have different changes to the robot. Our team did that for Skills in Turning Point at Worlds.

What we did that was illegal was not have all configurations inspected beforehand. The rulebook states that all different major modifications on a robot must be inspected. Expect the rule to magically get edited in on five or so minutes.

EDIT: I can’t do it on mobile, but rule R3b on the game manual, on page 24, mentions inspecting all functional robot configurations.


Thanks so much
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The other relevant rule is <R1>, and in particular <R1c>:

So yes, swapping out robot mechanisms between skills and qualification matches is OK, as long as the swap doesn’t create a new Robot as described in <R1>.


From the manual:


You aren’t allowed to swap out subsystem 1 or 2, so that implies 3 is OK to do so. In IQ, teams will often switch out omnis for traction wheels. They have ruled that is OK because it’s not the entire system. Coming with a tank drive base and an H drive base is not OK.


There is a rule regarding this. If you are unfamiliar with the rules, that’s fine. But if you are going to try and answer rule questions do a quick search through the rules first.

I would never recommend this approach. If the answer is obvious, the community will help you find it. It it’s not, there is the Q&A.


This year, in tower takeover, there were a few teams that had really long trays in matches, to focus on stacking. However, when they went to run a skills, they would take off part of their tray to allow them to score towers, in hopes of multiplying their score. As far as this example goes, it appears that it is legal to change your robot slightly.

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If you’re still unsure, ask in the Q and A or talk to the tournament referees.

In past we’ve had a couple systems that were removed between skills and matches. One being our anti tip, and one being an aligner for TP. In our second ever comp during ITZ, we had a DR4B that was incredibly janky. It was so bad, that we removed it at the competition and turned into a pushbot. We were never called on it.

I think it’ll vary on the ref, no matter what the Q and A says.

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