Change Up Tournament in May?

Would your team be intersted in a Change Up Tournament May 1st in Council Bluffs, Iowa?

No one here will be able to give you specific answers as almost no one lives in Council Bluffs, but generally, I would expect that after Worlds most people would rather focus on the new game rather than the old one.

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Yes, if Council Bluffs Iowa is code for Pittsburgh PA. Otherwise, no way.


Maybe. Would be fun practice for Kalahari


If its in Austin, Texas, maybe

worlds was pushed back, taran

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I have now realized that you do indeed have a point.

Depends on the cost, but probably

Is travel payed for? If so I’m in

Most likely yes. That could be a fun most likely last tournament I could go to for this season. Because after states so far there isn’t any tournaments

In past years weren’t post-worlds tournaments still a thing? I could have sworn I’d seen some on Robotevents before or something like that. So, I think there is actual interest still.

We would likely be interested

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