Changing a team number after registering

Since the end of the In The Zome season, I have seen several teams change their team numbers after they have already registered.

For example, 32641A changed to 3131V (seemingly before ITZ Worlds), and 3023A-C all changed to 2672A-C (after registering for Turning Point).

How does a team go about changing their number after registering? Is it free?

And does anyone know if the previous number becomes available for other teams if you do this on all teams with the old number?

If the team has previously competed under the other number, it changes to the new number in team lists, award lists, and Skills results, but not in match results or rankings (these stay the same on the event page and do not appear on the team page), or anywhere on VexDB (these stay the same, but change if the event data is updated afterwards).

I do not recommend changing your number if you have had success before, unless you really dislike your number, and you have a good number picked out for your new one.


I would assume by working with the RECF RSM…


If I wanted to discourage the practice, I would charge $1,000 :slight_smile:

thankfully I am not running the RECF :slight_smile:


Yes, that would definitely be a good way to do it. (And I did see your post from 2016 that said this, but I forgot to account for it in my post.)

However, I’m hoping there’s a new way to do it without contacting your RSM, since this would save time for RSM’s (and would teams feel less guilty about changing their number shortly after registering).

Based on the fact that I haven’t seen number changes before ITZ (other than a couple of cases in Starstruck to correct a mistake), I am guessing there was a change to Robot Events around that time which made it easier for a team number to be changed within Robot Events’s database.

Has anyone on the forum changed their team number after registering?

(I’ll ask the people I know from 3131V, too.)


As for my preference on team numbers, I would recommend that every organization stick with one number for all their teams, unless they have multiple grade levels, multiple locations, or too many teams for just one number (e.g. VEXMEN).

I am hoping it will be possible (if not now, at least in the future) for Robot Events to reassign unused team numbers (or at least the number without the letter) to other teams if the number has not registered for (or competed in) an event. So if 12345A changes to 1000A before they have registered for an event, another team would be able to use 12345B the next year if they chose to (and maybe even use 12345A).

And if the person who registered your teams is leaving, please do your best to make sure there is a plan so the team can keep their number.

I know at least one team (and probably more) who used to have a great number, but had to change it when they lost access to the original coach/sponsor’s Robot Events account. I’m sure a seamless transition can be done (I know teams whose coaches retired who kept their number afterwards), it’s just a matter of taking the time to do it.


There are 12,000 teams in VRC and VEX IQ… The databases are unrelated, and larger organizations can get the same number for VRC and IQ, so I school could have 12345A for IQ and 12345B for VRC.

With that said, given that a team number can represent 22ish teams, they need between 600 and 12000 team numbers (both are an extreme).

Given that they have 99999 possible numbers and probably need well less than 9999 numbers, there isn’t a need to start figuring this problem out yet.

I would think that the team number would be attached to the season. So 12345A Starstruck does not have to be the same as 12345A turning point. In fact, as I am registering teams I can give them different addresses and organizations within a team number. So it seems like team number 12345 could represent teams from a bunch of different organizations. I can even assign different people as contacts for each team as long as they have a account.

So, I would like to see team numbers used as you indicate in the quote, and people should understand that numbers will change organizations from time to time.

I do not like the idea of teams changing after registering. I would understand if a team needed to change form a middle school team to a high school team or something like that. But, doesn’t really matter to me that much.


In the past, they would allow a number to be reused if it hadn’t been registered for 2 seasons. But nowadays, it looks (based on the Robot Events form) like they aren’t allowing teams to reuse numbers, even if they haven’t been used since before the earliest surviving match results (about 2012).

You can register multiple locations/organizations for the same number, but I assume someone who already has access to the number would need to be involved in the process. So I could give another team 77321 (although I wouldn’t do so unless there was a genuine connection), but I couldn’t start a team using 44 unless I got their coach involved.

Edited to add:
So I would say it is important nowadays for new teams to be careful not to hog more numbers than they need.

On another note, I remember the VEX U team XD from New Zealand was planning to transfer their number to a group of new graduates from the US, but they weren’t allowed to do it (and so the US students used EKSDE instead).

And if you use the same number and letter for two different team/organization names, VexDB will show the new one for all results, although Robot Events will still use the old names on event pages.

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There would be two main situations where I’d want a team to be able to change their number after registering:

  1. If they had to register very quickly, and didn’t have time to choose a number themselves (or to research how to find out which ones were available), but before their first event that season, they learned more about VEX and wanted a number that better fit their school.

  2. If they initially registered with a different number than their sister team, but later realized they could be next to each other in the pits if their numbers were close together (or the same, although I’m not sure it’s possible to change to or from a number that’s the same as an existing team).

Either of these could be done in between seasons, by registering for the new season under a different team number, but if you realized you wanted a different number after you registered but before you competed, then keeping your old number for the year would mean you’d risk losing a lot of your name recognition if you switched numbers the next year.

If they’d already competed that season, however, it might be a bit confusing if they changed their number (although the Skills and award results would list the new number either way), especially if they qualified for States under the old number.

As for changing from a middle school team to a high school team, I assume that would be allowed, but to change from high school to middle school, I assume people would need to contact their RSM. The manual says you can’t do it, but I assume it would be allowed if their classification hadn’t made any difference that season (i.e. if it was a mistake and they hadn’t competed at any high school-only events).

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