Changing from Remote to Autonomous Mode


I am trying to switch from remote control to autonomous mode but when I run this code the motors don’t run. The LED does turn green but the motors don’t run. Is there a way to switch from remote to autonomous mode?

You need a “when autonomous” for using code in autonomous.

I don’t have those blocks in my Events Group.

Autonomous works fine until I switch to using the remote but when I try to switch back to autonomous operation, the motors won’t spin.

The motors probably won’t move is because their speed is set to 0, because the only time the speed is set is when inside the while loop. In the while loop you set them to the value of the joysticks, which would be at 0 if you aren’t using the joysticks when you press e down. You can fix this by putting a set velocity to 100% (or another speed) after the while loop ends.

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That was it!!

Thanks so much.

This is for V5 with competition control. IQ does not have this.

Yeah, I realized that after I sent it. I was in a rush.