Changing Motor Speed in Modkit

I was wondering if anyone can help me with increasing the speed in the motors using Modkit. I’m lost.

Thanks in advance

There are motor speed settings in Modkit. However, the defaults are 100%.

The speed setting commands are the dark blue blocks and will be called Set Velocity or Set Drive Speed depending on if the motor is part of a drivetrain. If you are not seeing the dark blue blocks then you need to switch from Robot view to Blocks view (top center left of screen). Setup commands like Set Velocity are normally called after a When Start event (yellow).

Hope that helps…

In motorSpeed command block, you give it the motor and speed value.

Make sure you are looking at the help for Modkit for VEX IQ, rather than Modkit for Micro.

Right. I did not pay attention to the link that opened. I guess you have to be patient for to open after more than a min on 15Mbps connection while the other opens almost seconds. Been a while since we had to use that section. I had pdf’d them.