Chaos Alliance is recruiting members

We are an international alliance comprised of teams: 240p, 1859s, 4410b, 675d, 12p, 1961x, 8349k, 6671X, 42700b, 9545w, 7232s. If you’re on a highly competitive team and your team is interested in collaborating with other high tier teams on robot designs, match strategy, and programming ideas, consider requesting to join Chaos Alliance. To do so, just fill out this survey and the council decide whether or not to invite your team.

Are we allowed to join if we are already in an alliance?

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Nevermind. I see it now.

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Submitted our application. We have people from both 5069D and 5069B joining our team. So we have experience at our state competition. We look forward to hearing from you


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When will we know if our application has been accepted?

Is this Chaos Alliance based off of competitive teams as the main factor? Are you looking at stuff like rankings, match scores, and performance?

For comparison...

The Short Circuit Alliance (SCA) is made up of handpicked minds, mostly from across this forum. We do personal, 1-on-1 interviews to look for the qualities we would like to bring together.

For example, we created this Alliance late season in TP, and most of us at the time hadn’t even qualified for our state championship. We don’t even look at performance as a factor most of the time.

Additionally, what makes this Alliance unique? What’s special about Chaos?


We are looking for competive teams. We don’t so far as into match scores. We are a unique alliance because because we are not as strict in the recruitment process as most other alliances. We believe that the more teams that are working together and collaborating together the better it gets. If you want to be a part of an alliance that actively collaborates, the Chaos Alliance is the perfect Alliance.

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By the end of today. Thank you!


Will we be getting a rejection email? My team hasn’t heard anything, negative or positive.


We will send you an email soon.

I have just submitted an application- is there anything else you need from me?

Thank you so much,
Doer, Team 7830C

Nope, Chaos Alliance will review it then reach out. Thanks!

What does the question “Applying for entire organization” mean exactly?

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Your entire school would be applying. @ChaosAlliance please correct me if I’m wrong.

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@ChaosAlliance we submitted an application quite a few days ago and have not heard back, should we still be on the lookout for an email?

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Kinda off topic, but are u a warhammer 40k fan? If I’m not mistaken that the chaos star

@ChaosAlliance, an application was sent in a few days back, when should I be on the lookout for an email?

It means you want more than one team to join.

@Railgunawesome No i’m not. But it is a awesome symbol.

@Doer I am sending it right now