Charging Batteries - 1241Q

This is our unique way of charging batteries!
Dat electricity!

That is pretty cool! What metal parts did you use? Do you have a CAD of it? lol

Now I want to make one of those :smiley:

It was our off-season project. No we do not have a CAD of it but it consists of angle bar and c-channels, stand offs and other little things like that. We plan to organize it better and possibly use motors to make it even cooler!

lol I hear this conversation in my head.
Yes, we do kill 4 batteries in the time we charge 4; you got a problem with that.

Can you take some more pics that are closer and have more detail. I might actually build one if we have extra metal pieces this season. I might also try cad’ing it :slight_smile:

That is really creative. I once thought of doing that with wood (with a pile of vex parts in front of me), but now I must build one of those for myself. Thanks for posing that:D