Charging Cord to Recharge Remote Batteries

I was hoping that VEX will create a charging cord able to recharge the existing batteries inside the remote without having to take them out which can help if your screw to open the battery case has been stripped out due to many times of unscrewing it. This would be a nice product to have which would hopefully replace the existing AA battery chargers, which are much larger than a charging cord.

The joystick power adaptor is probably what you are looking for. Mind that they are not allowed to charge joysticks during a match unless the tournament provides them.

I know what you are talking about, but that doesn’t recharge batteries, it only provides energy for a remote as a replacement for batteries.

And that would only be to charge the remote when its dead, not during competition.

Here is a quote from the RoboMatter store. “Tired of using batteries for your VEXnet joystick? Purchase this Power Adapter and keep your joystick powered directly from a wall outlet.”