Charging Station

Any suggestions on how to make a Charging Station? We need it to be able to hold around 6 batterys along with chargers. We are also look for a design that would allow for the chargers to easily be removed. Any suggestions/pictures would help. thanks
(i dont even know where to start with a design. anything is a step foward)


Here is a station that was recently discussed: Battery Box 2.0

Here is a picture of the charging station that I made for my team. It is all vex metal and can be easily built. It consists of 2 c-channels to hold the chargers in place and 1 more c-channel in the front to hold the batteries on and velcro on the AAA battery chargers. The whole station is elevated by standoffs and there are 2 screws below each charger to hold the chargers in place. All the cables would go under the station to hide them. You can easily remove the chargers if you wanted to. It holds 6 batteries using full 18 inch c-channels.
Hope this helps you out!


Our club, VRC: 9791, built a charging station around the Rigid interlocking tool case system. You can get them at Home Depot, not too expensive and great for competitions… The briefcase is great! We removed the top lid to make more space and then inserted a peg board to hold 6 7.2V chargers. The left side compartment can hold batteries and the cables, the right side compartment holds the AAA charging system. The middle compartment is where we put the second power strip and other battery/power stuff (extension cords, 9V batteries etc). The other boxes in the system are used for parts and tools. The base box has wheels and telescoping handle. You can easily wheel it around. The costs of the tools boxes - base $60, tool box $40, and briefcase $30.

Here is the one we made, we have three of them for 8 teams and it works pretty well. [ATTACH]9187[/ATTACH]

My teams have had two different style of battery box/towers. I really like how easy the boxes can pack down for travel and that they can be made pretty easily with vex parts. We modified team 333’s box design a bit and love it. The tower is set up in a triangle layout which will allow for easier removal of the battery chargers, but it is made up of almost all non vex parts.

This was board/ carrying case made by a team at one of our competitions. They probably don’t mind me posting this.