Charging station

Does anyone have any ideas for a vex battery charging station that doesn’t use vex parts? My constraints are:

  • Does not use vex parts (besides chargers)
  • Can hold 10 or more cortex chargers
  • Uses only one power strip
  • Has a handle / is portable
  • Some sort of cooling system (Optional)
  • Must be built by June 10th

Any ideas, designs, or concepts are welcome.

We use a Rigid tool case from home depot. Take the top liner out, use pegboard to mount 6 vex chargers and power strip. Bottom bins used to hold batteries and AAA chargers… Plenty of room for extension cord.

We have two cases like this, as does our High School and QCC2 Blue Rooster. It works very well for us. No need for cooling system.

If you have any, build it out of vex cubes. Zip-tie the cubes together, put some sheet of some type in the center and tip-tie the chargers on. It worked fairly well for me.

Wasn’t the key requirement that it not use VEX parts? :slight_smile:

That said, I like the idea of repurposing old game pieces - how about low goal tubes?

Robox, anyone?

My team did something last year for our regional and state competitions where we took a piece of peg board and duct taped a strip of chargers to the board, zip tied down all the cables and our power strip (we actually had two), as well as the AAA charger. The only downside was that it was somewhat inefficient with the amount of space it used, however it saved a lot of time as far as getting it all set up and organized.

Quick change to the requirements. I have to fit 10 chargers in it and be able to see the charging light.

My team uses a sheet of plywood covered in felt. We drilled holes in the plywood and zip tied the chargers to the board. It’s easily expandable to 10 chargers; our first one had 8 7.2V chargers and 4 AAA battery chargers. We also have smaller ones that fit on top and inside of a Pelican 350 case. They hold 4 7.2V chargers and 1 AAA battery charger each. To add a handle, just cut out a hole for your hand in the plywood.

I saw this from Team 5150 at Worlds and I am planning on copying it.

It’s disappointing to see all the design convergence this early in the season…

Um what?

It was a joke.

and it was funny :slight_smile:


We use something like this and a power bar:

We are going to 3D print charging stations that all link together so we can attach all 20 of ours and still be able to pack them easy. I will add pics when we get them done.

I wish I could afford that lol

We are lucky and our school has one that they don’t care what we print on it.

I’m trying to create a team of my own, only have $350 raised. Haha

Could you please attach the file for it?