Charging V5 batteries with cortex charger?

Has anyone attempted to charge a V5 battery with a cortex charger? My teachers realized it ft and wanted me to check. I know it’s probably a horrible idea, but my teachers want me to check if it is a viable solution anyways. Thanks, Keaton Gilmore

How much is the current, hopefully it’s the same if you want to charge it using a non standard charger

It’s $10. Just buy it. Save your $50 batteries.


The V5 charger is 16V 1.1A
The cortex charger you are talking about is 12V 1A. The voltage is too low and will probably not charge your batteries properly.


But yet again, since the voltage is lower it shouldn’t destory the battery right? Sorry about my very limited knowledge of electronics. I had no idea which ports were which on the V5 3 wire ports

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Illegal per game manual, so if there’s a chance of competing don’t do it… Especially with the high chance of battery issues (considering that even with a special charger the v5 batteries lean towards issues).


But that’s only during the competition, you’re allowed to charge the battery however you want before competition.

I did it on accident thinking the cortex charger was the v5 charger. Even emailed vex thinking my batteries were broken. Silly me.
I don’t think it hurts your batteries, it just wont charge them either

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Which cortex charger are we talking about here? The 7.2V battery charger or the joystick battery charger?

Joystick battery charger. I already convinced my teachers not to do it so that’s a W. Thanks!

Just to be clear, it will not work.

We charge V5 batteries until the pack voltage is 14.4V, the charger has to supply a voltage above that for it to work, that’s why we use 16V chargers.

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