Charging V5 Batteries

I seem to have misplaced my V5 battery charger. I have some other devices, notably a hand drill that uses the same kind of charger. My V5 charger did charge my drill, but now that I’ve lost the V5 charger the drill charger won’t charge my battery, nor will any other adapter of the same kind I havr laying around. This is not for competition, just my personal V5 kit, so I’m not worried about breaking any VRC rules with this. Is there any way to charge a V5 battery without the charger that comes with it?

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The V5 battery charger is nothing more than an off-the-shelf dumb power supply as far as I know. All you need is a power supply with the same output voltage, connector, and polarity and a current rating that is nearly the same as the stock charger or greater.

It sounds most likely as if the V5 charger is capable of supplying more current than your drill charger, hence it charged the drill with no issues, but the V5 battery was drawing too much current for your drill charger and thus triggered an undervoltage dropout.

If you gather the specifications of your drill charger, you can probably relatively easily buy a suitable replacement V5 charger online.


The V5 charger isn’t that expensive on the Vex website, it’s only about 15. But you may have to wait for it for shipping. Do you know anyone else who also has the charger?

The V5 Charger is $9.99USD so it might just be cheaper and efficient to but the VEX one.

It almost certainly won’t be cheaper, and the shipping time will almost certainly be longer.

Note also that you will violate <R19b2> and fail inspection if you use a non-VEX charger in a tournament setting:

Edit: I forgot to read the OP in full, @Sylvie doesn’t intend to use this in competition so the above is irrelevant.

@Sylvie already indicated that it would only be for personal, non-competition use.


Whoops, I missed that, thanks for pointing it out!


Yes. I have a little practice robot that I myself own. I lost my personal charger.

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it is $9.99 and you can probably find them cheaper, but is it worth it? Blowing up a $49.99 battery because you did not want to spend $9.99? Buying new batteries because you blew up the old one is going to be more expensive.


Very true. It is important to be diligent about buying a good quality charger if not the one from VEX.

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