Chassis Designs for ITZ

So for the new competition, In The Zone, you need to get over some pipes to get to the different scoring zones. So would you make a chassis with the main structure high off the ground? Like maybe use 3 wide c channels for the structure and put 4" Omni wheels on the lowest layer? That would lift the structure off the ground (of course also sacrificing height for the rest of the components because of parameters). Am I getting the right idea here. Is idea a little too extreme? Are their any alternative ways to do this?

With the use of large lifts this year, as we discovered in skyrise, a large, wide, and low to the ground base will work best when wanting to center our weight on our base with a tank drive, but this might be mess with our strategies considering some strategies are going to include driving over the bars

A cross between a Toss up drive and Skyrise drive is probably going to be most popular.

I’m sorry but I starting vex at Nothing but Net. I’ve heard of these competitions though. Can you show me images or maybe a link to these different drives?

So the idea is to get your structure as high off the ground as possible?

Also if I’m not mistaken the transmission system is to change their ratios to either achieve more torque or speed.

The pipe you would cross is very low to the ground and should be cross-able with a normal drive train, as the clawbots could in the reveal video. The tall pipe is so close to the corner of the field I doubt you would want to drive over it, as you would have almost no where to go.

Do you think an x drive would work then. I was thinking of doing one of those since they can go in all directions and will be useful for autonomous since it would be easy to maneuver. Do you think because of the angled wheels it’ll be harder to get over the pipes?

Yeah, probably. It also won’t necessarily make autonomous easier. Trust me because i can speak from experience that without any control loop (PID, for example) that drive just won’t go straight. With some tuning i’m sure you could get it to be mostly straight but it’s still going to be a pain…

I guess most of that could be solved by a mecanum drive but, you don’t want to go there…