Chassis Help

Is there any chassis that use a six wheel drive, can stare, and are sturdy? (We would like to keep an H-chassis.

I assume you mean strafe. I can’t think of any basic ones, but you could easily make modifications to existing ones.

For example, an H drive with a center perpendicular wheel can also work with 6 outer wheels. And a mecanum drive can survive with Omni wheels in the middle on both sides. (Assuming the outer diameter is equal)

If I’m thinking of the right thing, a Kiwi drive is essentially an X drive, but with two extra wheels, making it a 6 wheel drive.
Edit: Thsts not a kiwi drive. My bad.

The kiwi drive has 3 wheels.

Then what am I thinking of? Or did I just make that up?


Idk but I found this.

Yes, I think I’m thinking of this. Pretty cool concept, but takes up a whopping 6 motors. Then again, a true asterisk drive would consume 8 motors.