Chassis ideas

What are some good chassis ideas that seem to work best in the Starstruck competition?

Omni wheels at 45 degree angles gives an all direction drive system.

This thread has lots of drive train examples: [

The x drive can’t push scoring elements around well, which is a huge part of the game.

Why not? Our X-drive pushes them fine.

How many does it push at a time?

I’m not sure. Why would it be worse than any other drive?
Edit: Is it because of shape, or strength or what? If it’s because of shape, that’s easy to fix. If it’s strength, if you build it right it should be fine.

  1. It has a lot of friction
  2. Cant push stars under the fence
    however if u have a strategy that plays to the extreme maneuverability of the x-drive than it is good

Why not? It can push like any other drive.

I think @Mr.Constructor (not to put words in his mouth, but this is my understanding) is focusing on pushing stars under the fence as a main scoring strategy, and is taking into account that the X drive is incapable of the same torque and power that a standard tank drive can give, which will allow him to more successfully fight the opponent in the under-the-fence game. In this case, the X drive can not “push like any other drive”

I didn’t think of that. I always assumed that pushbots wouldn’t keep up with catapults or dumpers because they are easy to block, even if built well. I like the X-drive because its two strong aspects are turning (important for lining up to intake) and strafing (important for blocking and avoiding blocking). But I have seen supped-up pushbots do fairly well (in other games) if that’s that’s what you’re going for, @Mr.Constructor.

I can see a solid pushbot doing pretty well actually. 10 motors and a transmission would get plenty of speed to get to stars quickly and enough torque to push a lot of stars under the fence at a time. Maybe even use pneumatics for a hang.

Thats what i would go for