Heya, middle school team here. we need a good idea for a chassis that uses only 2 motors.
If you could get a picture that would be great

There are two ways you can have a 2 motor chassis design. With a chain that spans to both axles with sprockets, or having a motor above in the middle and gears that transfer the rotation to the axles. The second option is for if you have/are looking to build a smaller bot. Otherwise a gear train is too big.

Sprocket and Chain (only look at the axles):



while we cannot give you instructions, we can give you some advise.

2 motor drive is ok, just make sure you build light and don’t plan on doing much pushing. I would simple direct drive one set of wheels (either front or back, do whichever one you want) and use chain and sprockets to connect the wheels together. make sure all your joints are squared and secure.


Or connect the motor with chain and allow two gears on one drive seat so the motor is chained to both wheels and not direct. Don’t know if that
Will do anything but it is a decent chassis so if one chain breaks you have another. But you should use direct motor on wheel then chain

We don’t have a wheel on the front right, but this thing turns relatively well with the Omni wheels

H shaped chassis with cross bracing
I would rear wheel drive it and chain/gear the front wheels if you want. 2m drive is ok if you want more torque or speed you will have to gear ratio that