cheap ball alternative

Does anybody known if there is a cheap alternative for the balls for this game? Just as a starter for testing.

I thought about this too… but for 12.99 you get 22 balls from the VEX store and then you have the official game piece… I couldn’t find a cheaper alternative… I did see another team using wiffle balls… they range from 2.87 to 3.15 inches … so they are close to the size but more expensive

You can order balls right now…

Aloha All,
Cheaper? I think VEX has a great price. If teams were just looking for practice balls in the interim of waiting for their shipment, I’m looking for interim practice balls also. I was looking at those Ball-Pit balls. The ones that little kids roll around in at kid play areas. That is what I was going to look at. The Bucky balls from 2 years ago were also 3" diameter. They might be a good stand in although they have flat sides. Just my 2 cents.

The pit balls would not be great. I recently got a bunch for another project (100 for $20) and they can be inconsistent in their molding.

Why not just buy the Challenge balls?

Something worth sharing

That wasnt shocking. We had cubes that felt heavier than others this past year. I would expect the same for the balls. If they bounce on the hard floor itself, it keeps bouncing, and bouncing more than the field. I expect variations in the field will affect the bounce too or if it hits the holes vs. a solid section.

I should be clear… that’s not variations in the balls. That’s variations in how exactly they hit the playing field. Bouncing the same two balls again will produce different results.

Doing the same thing on a playfield sitting on carpet caused the balls to not bounce at all.

I thought I would ask on this topic what about the goal, ramp, and fence? How would you go about making a fence with correct measurements like how far apart are the two pipes? And is it the same with the goal and ramp as the balls… cheaper just to buy it from vex. The ramp would be easy to make, but the goal seems a little bit more tough to make. Is it even worth the trouble just to save a little money. And if you make or buy from cheaper sellers all the pieces except maybe the balls would the cost be more or less than just buying the whole field kit from vex.

It depends what level of “accuracy” you need. We (VEX) provide the full CAD model for the field. We also provide as many specifications as is practical without being overwhelming (most teams / students would be put off by the detailed engineering drawings for the field). There are options available for you to build your own field. You may also find that a cardboard box provides as much detail as you need for a goal prototype.

However, we understand that many others want the “real thing” – I hope those teams will find the regulation field to be a good value in that circumstance.