Cheaper Battery Kit

i’m trying to find a cheaper battery option for vex, i’ve looked at cheaper NiMH batteries for RC cars. however, i am unsure what charger i should get inorder to match the vex power pack, or whatever battery i am using

unfortunately i doubt you’ll be able to find a suitable replacement for the vex batteries, at least not for a significant amount cheaper

remember, if you do find one it is very important to make sure it meets and does not exceed the current and voltage requirements

i suggest searching the following sites:

hope i helped! :D](

I agree. If you do find a cheaper set of (quality) batteries, please post back here with details.

You might want to read this thread started by stampede_dude. He did some analysis and found the Vex batteries to be higher quality than most, so they may be a better value than they appear based on price alone.

Here are a few options from Radio Shack for you to look at:
*]Transmitter battery & charger (9.6V, 1000mAH, NiCd, $16) 23-342
*]Transmitter battery & charger (9.6V, 1600mAH, NiMH, $20) 23-432
*]Robot battery & charger (7.2V, 2000mAH, NiCd, $20) 23-322
*]Robot battery (no charger) (7.2V, 3300mAH, NiMH, $25) 23-319
I’ve used the first one on the list and it works just fine. The other ones look like they should work with Vex and seem like reasonable values.


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thanks fro teh help, i think i’ll stop by my local radio shack for the 2 batteries, and hopefully save some money

Alternatively you can also assemble your own batt pack. For the vex microcontroller you can use 6 to 8 cells (Well the vex pack is 6 cells but 8 works too). Used to have some 10Ah D sized cells lying around…

I’m not sure I would use homemade battery packs, that sounds like a recipe for disaster…

yea never ever solder batteries

i’ve tried, its a recipe for disaster