Cheaper Boxes for Robot Transportation

I saw the previous post about the robox and pelican bags to transport robots to worlds, but all of them are really expensive.
I was wondering if there are some boxes that work just as well, as those bags, but not as fancy or pricey.
Please give my team some ideas so that we don’t obliterate our robot halfway to Kentucky or something.

Build your own out of wood or aluminum.

I guess we could try, but that takes a lot of work and time and we’d rather spend that time testing our robot.
We’re also not that good at sawing or metal work because we’ve cut ourselves at least 10 times this season, major and minor cuts…

The first few times that we went to worlds, we also lacked the budget to buy a robot case. We ended up disassembling our robot into 2-3 pieces and packed them in our suitcases. It’s not the most elegant solution, but it is the cheapest.

The next time we went to worlds we built some boxes, so I could post some pictures on Monday if you are interested.

double boxing a 20x20x20 cardboard box inside a 24x24x24 box works pretty well. The risk is puncture from the side.

Put bubble wrap in between the box layers. Take the stress off the axles too.

You can buy cardboard boxes from places like home depot if you are in the US. Pack them with foam and take out things that can bend and the robot should be safe if it stays upright most of the time.

If you decide to make your own box, whether cardboard or wood, make sure it is resealable. TSA will always open the box. Include some packaging materials in the box for security to seal your box again after they open it.

24x24x24 is bigger than most airlines size regulation

We did this in when we flew to Anaheim, an it worked great.