Cheaper Pneumatics

I am looking to buy a pneumatic air tank and a piston and I heard that there were cheaper ways to buy them than from vex. Could someone send me a link?
I am also looking for tubing and a T fitting. Thanks.

The issue is that you can’t buy the mounting system, and I’m assuming you would need the solenoid too. So just buy from vex.

If you buy an entire piston kit equivalent with solenoids pistons and air tanks you won’t save more than a dollar. It will take 4-6 weeks to ship and you will have to order a lot of little parts.

plccenter is the supplier people use

Try Idesign Solutions, they should be cheaper on almost every piece you’d ever need

Very long lead time for most of the sources. If you need pneumatics in the next 2 or 3 months, just go for VEX.

Thanks a lot! I will be using the extra piston to add on the the pneumatics kit 2 which comes with two solenoids, and I plan on using a 2 piston launcher from one solenoid. :smiley: :cool: