Cheating In IQ

At my first camp at my school, I saw teams go through inspection pass but after the team put parts on top of their bot. Another team at the same comp, lied to the judges and said it couldn’t go up, but after a min watching them there, the arm was way higher than it said.

I’m not going to say who there are, but if you are one of the teams that cheat please STOP

You can bring this to the attention of the Head Ref ( or EP running the event) and they will do a reinspection.)

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At states and worlds they will keep a much better eye on this… It’s unfortunate but true. However, your EP should double check a bot that is close to breaking the rules if you ask.

I would.

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As others have stated, definitely bring this to the EP or Head referee so they can make the call.

From the game manual under Rule R1:

a. If significant changes are made to a Robot, it must be re-inspected before it will be allowed to
participate in a Match.
c. Teams may be requested to submit to random inspections by event personnel during the event.
Refusal to submit will result in Disqualification

Personally, I expected to see the issues in this post when I read about the 15" height limit but there are rules to catch these teams.

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