Check out this base

Hey, Tell me what you think about this base. The pics are a couple weeks old and we have newer ones that the team can show if anyone asks. We are part of a new team- 6002A and i think we may be the first team with this design. Anyway tell me what you think and if you have any questions or comments please ask!

James posted something similar a few months ago but nevertheless it’s pretty cool and yours seems much more practical for mounting an intake and lift.

For the record this base was created over the summer in a camp but was taken apart after so now this is a more updated version for the team i am on. The team has done an exceptional job but anyway, any other comments or improvements ?:slight_smile:

Hello amr267,

I notice you only have 2 motors powering your base, and your drive is geared for speed via the sprocket/chain. I would highly recomend that you add another motor to each side (4 total for drive). This will help you not to stress your motors to much and not be as easily pushed durring a match. I see that the gear ratio is 3:1 for speed, that is a bit much if you ask me even for 4 motors, I would suggest lowering the ratio so you dont overheat your motors. If you are set on that fast of a ratio a 6 motor drive should be more capable for that, but I dont know what your plans are for future motor distribution.

To sum it up, 4 motors on the base with a lower ratio (2:1 or 1:1.67 or even 1:1) would help you in the long run :D.

Great start to the season, I am curious how this design will play out :).

Thank you for the advice… You wont have to wait long to see it play out because i will see you at the NOVA Vex competition and the Bull run invitational. With such great advice i cannot wait to see what you have. Maybe an alliance will work out or something of that sort. I will consult main builders about that issue but again thanks!

Always glad to help :D.

I’m glad to hear you will be attending the NOVA event! This year it is being hosted by our school and we are excited to see how it turns out.

One other thing, I notice that your front 2 wheels are placed in oposite directions, this should not really affect your robot, but having symmetry is always nice :slight_smile:

lol Such a keen eye for robotics. Its an Absolutely fantastic thing in a robotics member. I really need to have a talk with the main builders:). Im going to help host the invitational event and we cant to see how it turns out like yourself. Good luck and watch out. Some of the teams are better than they look. Im curious about your design now. Again I cant wait!