Saw this video, it blew my mind. Video. This changes everything.

this series of videos have been around for quite some time.

But mind explaining how and why does it changes everything?

I mean… it is pretty impressive (by the way, last that I heard they have already surpassed this video)… but don’t be blinded by the 16-cone stack (oh wait… thought it is already quite common to stack this high?) .

In fact, use this video to do your game analysis - if you can’t stack as high, how else can you counter it? And… do you need to stack this high to win the match?

But I totally agree that it is a gd video to do your analysis :slight_smile:

I think you’re missing the point: SIDE ROLLERS .

But how does side rollers changed everything? It is definitely not the first side rollers for this season.

They way they used them to almost automatically pick the cones up

The side rollers don’t seem necessarily better than top rollers to me. Although, I agree that they are very fast on these robots. Choosing to stack on mobile goals and then transfer the cones to the stationary goals was also interesting.

Oh and Chinese teams aren’t using scissor lifts

There is nothing particularly extraordinary about these bots. The only reason it’s so impressive is that four good internals got put in the same match. Beyond that, these bots are just the same stereotypical DR4B internal we’ve been seeing all season.

This is their MS teams.
I remember watching the videos of their HS and there were quite a few scissor lifts :slight_smile:

That’s the problem with this years event. there’s about 4 good robot designs and that it. Hope next year lets you have more different looking robots that can still be good.

Not really. Just everybody sticks to those designs and doesn’t try to go into unexplored territory.

I’m really hoping that at worlds we’ll see something new and creative that isn’t a DR4B or scissor lift variation, that is still successful

I guess that all I see in SD that’s what all the competitive robots have.

isn’t that every year?

True, This is one thing that always annoys me about the number of limitations on the design process. On the flight back from Kentucky this last year a team mate and I made a full design of a “raccoon trap” claw, a passive intake that pushes down onto the cone, lifts up and repeats. Later after SG9 was added to, making a cone stacked only when on the mobile goal, it removed that entire line of design, getting rid of what I believe would have been an amazing design, especially if there were four of such robots. When SG9 was added to, it made scissor lifts, DR4Bs and a couple other designs pretty much the only feasible ones to use. Of course there always are some exceptions, but with the amount of restrictions on field element manipulation, its hard to have a variety.

Perhaps I’m remembering incorrectly, but I thought SG9 always required cones to be stacked, and that the definition of stacked always said that they were on a mobile goal.

The expansion limit was the only annoying rule addition this year

The initial rule, before the rules were even finalized, was very vague about what counted as stacked. Later this was changed before the official rule release. So going off of the official rules, it is clear, but for a short amount of time it was vague.
This was the morning after the game reveal. I think it was only unclear if you didn’t read the definition of stacked and just assumed stacked didn’t require a mobile goal

That may have been the case, we were all sleep deprived and excited for the new comp. we may have just missed or misread that section.
That post does bring up some very good points as to why the game is the way it is, thank you for sharing it.

Somebody please correct me if I’m wrong (I’m pretty sure that I am not), but the team in the video is not using side rollers to hold the cone in place, only to make it easier to intake.

From my experience I’ve noticed that every year there is 2-4 different distinct designs (with some slight differences such as quality and whatever modification a team does) each year. In my opinion, this year we have more different designs than usual.