Checking psi in Reservoirs


I was wondering how the judges/inspectors/referees check your reservoirs for psi, and when they do so. I’m asking this because when something is plugged into an reservoir filled with air, all the air leaks out. Is it a specific type of pressure gauge, or anything?

I have not been to vex worlds, but from reading I would guess they might check in official inspections, but other then that they will only check if you are reported for breaking the rules. They would check using a normal tire pressure gauge, that only leaks a few PSI, giving an accurate enough reading to tell if your over. They don’t care about 101 PSI, they care about egregious over pressure situations, so any decent pressure reader will give them that info. After they check the pressure, they would normally let you refill the tanks, to avoid affecting the match in any way. If you’re over, they will likely disqualify you from the match. I have seen teams question other teams sizing and get an on field inspection to prove qualifications.