Checklist for tournaments

Does anyone have a checklist they give their teams for tournaments. My checklist is old and for the old brains. I was hoping to find one to give my teams.

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Here is a inspection checklist for the bot build

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Not sure whether this is what you meant, but this is what my team packs for a tournament.

  • robot
  • license plates
  • controller + spare controller
  • all batteries and chargers
  • a couple of power strips
  • engineering notebook
  • tools and parts for quick repairs
  • air pump (if you use pneumatics)
  • laptop
  • programming cable(s)
  • canned air
  • spare v5 wires/heads + crimping tool
  • spare rubber bands
  • spare motors

Sorry. I should have explained better. I am a coach and want to make a checklist I can give my teams to be ready for this weekend. Extra batteries, metal, tools, a computer with the programs ready to be modified, notebook, etc. I just wanted to save time by not making one, hoping someone already has one made.

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I would also bring an extra brain as well as some field elements so you don’t have to use the ones at the practice fields that are made in a rush.


Also bring plenty of water and snacks (if your event allows for it). Saves time and money and keeps your roboteers well fed throughout the event (and allows parents to contribute to the team without directly contributing to the progress of the robot).