Checkout my Vex based House Painter Tool - NASA Contes

Time is also running out for my NASA Contest Entry titled “Tele-Operated House Painter Tool”, which I plan to prototype using Vex parts, which ends October 18. It will be prototyped using Vex components including the Vex Controller and Vex RC remote.

Please check out my Vex related contest entries and let me know what you think:


This robot is an excellent concept, very good idea. I only see one potential problem: sand blasters have a tendency to generate static electricity, and the plastic sheet you mention creates an environment where this is very likely to happen.

That’s a good point that you brought up! I also plan to have a vacuum cleaner to filter and remove paint and dust particles from the enclosed workspace in order to avoid fires or explosions. Sparks generated by the sandblaster or sanding machine could be controlled using a humidity sensor.

I need to have a relatively clear environment in order for the operator to remotely control the tool by using the Vexplorer wireless camera to view the surface being prepared or painted.