Chichester Middle School, Boothwyn, PA robot designs

Hello, everyone this thread is for all atending the event listed in the title. Post your designs here and accrediting to other teams. Or ask about designs.

Our team is number 84 and as we listed in a previous event thread, we are using an original design. However, this time instead of a claw we are switching to a design from team 81 using the intake roller and chain idea. We are simply using a different version of the original design.

Team 98 is taking most of the robot that was used at IRI for Swept Away (where Jack drove it to a 6-0 record. The basket on the front was removed and replaced with a down facing claw.

With the arm that lifts and extends, its easy to score on the high posts. Granted it only scores one ring at a time. It’s secret weapon is the ability to quickly remove rings from posts. A small change to high strength gears may give it the ability to climb.

Come Saturday and see how Luke does in his first driving challenge!

. Old robot with the basket

357 will be attending with 2 robots. One will be an upgraded claw robot and we aren’t sure what the other one will be yet. Quite a few freshmen who joined the team a week ago will be attending this event just to get some competition experience.

This event will be the premier of Downingtown Area Robotics new team name The VEXMEN.

Team 84 “Cyclops” started this thread. We want to keep the tradition of posting our robots before matches going.
We have two rookie teams 90 & 96 that started at the beginning of the summer and can not wait to go to their first event.

Team 90 is our new all girls team. They are bringing their robot “Lady Deathstrike” this weekend. It features a holonomic drive, a rack & pinon arm with a basket designed for scoring tubes.

Team 96 has been working on “Professor X”. It uses 4 rack & pinions to move tubes up and out over the goals.

Team 81 has continued to refine their design that won the build award at bridgewater. They have come up with a new idea for their robot “Gambit” a floating fork attached to the snorkel when picking up tubes it floats up out of the way. When not holding tubes it can be used to take tubes off goals.

Team 80 our veteran girls team has come back after taking a well deserved summer off and upgraded the robot “Nightcrawler” they took to worlds for Round Up in just 2 meetings. They are ready to try out Roundup.

Good luck to all the teams playing this weekend!

Downingtown Area Robotics took 10 robots to Chichester Middle School on Saturday 25 September for the second Round Up VEX Qualifier (first one was back in May). We had about 20 roboteers and 14 adults that had a great day. We had spent the summer designing and building robots and this was the first outing. For most of the people there it was also their first time at a VEX event. A number of our veteran parents volunteered to do scoring and queue management. There were 18 teams from 4 different schools.

We qualified two teams for World Championships at Disney in April. Team 81 will be a repeat competitor, Team 96 are mostly new roboteers. We also picked up some important awards. Team 84 was on the second place alliance and they were singled out for their build techniques. Our second girls team, (all of them new) picked up the design award for their omni-bot with lifting basket. Team 81, who also won an excellence award last season, wowed the judges with their overall performance in design, build and performance on the field and getting today Excellence Award. Team 96 showed the field that a strong defense when pared with a strong offense is a winning combination.

We’ve branded the teams this year the VEXMEN, the roboteers picked team names from the universe of X-Men comic characters.

We are off to a great 2010-2011 season! Our next event is 9 October at the Delaware County Christian Academy.

Tournament Champions (Qualify for the World Championship)

* 1267B - Delaware County Christian School
* 357 - Upper Darby High School
* 96 - Downingtown Area Robotics - Professor X

Judged Awards

* 81 - Downingtown Area Robotics - Gambit - Excellence Award ( Qualify for the World Championship )
* 1267B - Delaware County Christian School - Amaze Award
* 84 - Downingtown Area Robotics - Cyclops - Build Award
* 90 - Downingtown Area Robotics - Lady DeathStike - Design Award
* 98 - Downingtown Area Robotics - Magneto - Judges Award
* 740B - Chichester School - Judges Award

Big thanks to Chichester Middle School and their parents for such a great event. Thanks to team KTOR that did the judging and ref duties. STEMRobotics did their event magic to make things run smoothly. But the biggest thanks goes to all the other people that helped in with scoring, queue managment, food and drink service, etc. Without a cadre of voluenteers we would never be able to make these event happen.

Rob B took lots of video, so you’ll be able so see some of the action. There were no climbs (or even attempts). Some impressive defensive play moving towers across the field.

A big thank you to all who attended and volunteered! As usual, the judging experience was both a pleasure and a nightmare, a pleasure because there were so many amazing teams, and a nightmare because there were so many amazing teams:D Congratulations to all our award winners, hope to see you all at the DC Knights Qualifier in two weeks!