China Intake Issue

When we intake the cubes, the intakes twist outwards. This limits us to get 6-7 cubes and we have some compression issues. I have a china style, two rollers, 24 tooth sprockets with 100 rpm motors. How do you guys prevent the twisting issue?

Do you have any pictures of the robot? Those would help a lot.

Can you PM me and we’ll go on from there

I actually wouldn’t mind hearing some suggestions to prevent twisting, if you would be willing to put them in the forum.

when the issue seems somewhat fixed ill let you know what we did

Any fixes on this? I’m also trying to prevent my arms from twisting and wanted to hear if there were any solutions in this forum before starting one of my own/

box the c-channels, make an x-brace, make the hinges shorter, there is a lot of things you can do.


what do you mean by x brace? with bands or connecting the arms with metal?

putting an x-across the arms
like this
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except with c-channels or 1x1 angles.


How do you avoid hitting the tray while lifting?

Move the tray forward.