China intake questions

So I have seen there robots that have 2 seperate and layered in the Chinese competitions and I have heard that they are super effective. I was not sure how they actually worked like and how they are designed. Can someone explain to me how they work and how to build one?

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This is kinda what they look like, but instead of chain direct gearing 3:1:1 so the outsides are 166rpm. They are staggered kinda like this with the inside being 100rpm. Note: im not the best builder so keep that in mind.

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The way they work is that the outer roller is used to collect the cubes better. The back roller is larger and is used to have more compression to push the cubes up. You can also gear up the outer more so it will intake cubes faster. I can post a picture of mine later tonight

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Here is what we have:
The first rollers intake the cubes while the second roller keeps the cubes in the tray (keeps them from falling out).



So I’ve seen success with both 18tooth 200rpm and 24tooth 100rpm. We opted for 18 for sizing but the current trend rn is definitely 24tooth.


A typical chintake (meta) has 2 staggered, separate 24 tooth rollers that have the inside rollers directly driven with a 100 rpm motor, and the outside rollers geared 5:3 so they spin a 166 rpm. It’s kind of like the picture @ThirdDegree posted but with different size gears and sprockets.

so basically the size of my rollers but with gearing and not chain

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I think the main advantage of this kind of intake is that you don’t have to worry about chain breaking


why are the two sprockets geared differently? I don’t see any reason for it as if there is a cube already in the intake, then you can’t push up another one
(this is a mess of a comment)

the outer one doesn’t need as much torque so it’s free to spin faster. The rear ones require more torque & compression.


what does staggered intake mean

It means that the intakes are not on the same level. In this sense, one of the sprockets is lower than the other sprocket so that they don’t need to be chained together.

Here is a quick mock-up I made.

[ ]= Sprockets

 | [ ]         
[ ]

here is a pic for more detail


Since much of our robot is now on the internet:


how did you prevent twisting? we have soem compression issues and can only do 7, because it twists outwards. also how many cubes can you do?

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Now that is something I cannot answer. You will need to figure that out yourself, or someone else answering it other than me. Im sorry :frowning: