China Teams at Vex Worlds

btw r u from China too?

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Shadowless Chicken has been competing in the VEX Robot Competition for four years, and it will be his fifth season.
Only this year he went to junior high school.
So the team number was changed. The previous team number was 8982A.
We are a public welfare organization. 8982 are team of primary school students, 7671 are number of junior high school students and 7995 are team of senior high school students.
If you doubt it, I’d be happy to provide him with photos and certificates of the game from nothing but net.



Our team has already used GIT skillfully in elementary school. This is a screenshot of our git. We were also inexplicably checked by the contest team members in the 2019 World Championship.
We are a public welfare organization. Teachers don’t have to work for students and students of each teams work independently. We get a lot of help from Purdue University team.


This is chicken autodesk’s server record. This season has 37 versions.
There are usually more than 200 versions throughout the season.
The main members of our team spend about 1000 hours on working in the lab every season, even woking all the vacations. Of course, they won’t be studying VEX-EDR all the time. The another focus is on the NIOP project.
I also are coach in the American team… team number is 35216B.
The World Championship result is 6/5

As for the choice of the United team, I have only one requirement: prohibit the selection of teams who play mobile games on the field during the compiting time.

Finally, I want to tell you that there are no world champion team which is that students can’t build machines and programmes, it’s impossible. Only robots made by themselves can connect with human and computer.

Is there anything else you need to know?


No, I’m American, but I’m in China right now. I’m not nocturnal or anything.
Oh yeah I have to change my pfp.

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It’s also important to remember that the in the Tower Takeover manual regarding student centred teams, was never present in past VRC Game Manuals, As such, the level of adult involvement by certain teams in the past may have been frowned up, but was not illegal until this season. (The judging documents may have had guidelines on these topics prior to Tower Takeover)

As someone who has interacted with thousands of teams from across the globe, I can assure you that excessive adult involvement, which would flagrantly violate the current rules, is an issue that is not restricted to any one country. I’ve seen many upsetting cases in both Canada and the US, as well many other countries.


well said mr. karthik. We miss you !


Our team was founded in 2010.
DSC_0095 VEX%20%E5%AF%B9%E6%88%98%E4%B8%8A%E6%B5%B7%E9%98%9F

Chicken has been playing with the his group since the season of 2015-2016. nothing but net

2016-2017 start struck

2017-2018 in the zone

2018-2019 turning point

The main prizes:
2014-2015 Chinese Third Army (8982C)
2015-2016 Chinese champion (8982D 7671A)
2016-2017 Chinese champion(8982C 7995A)
2017-2018 Chinese runner-up (8982A)
2018-2019 Chinese champion(7671C)


There’s been suspicion in IQ that many China bots are “dad” bots, and it has also been noticed that a lot look very similar. This all just speculation but it’s something to point out.


Again, this “dad” bot is not an unique issue for China… looking at the amount of complains and unhappiness in the forum, think “dad” bot is an issue in USA (and other regions) as well?
Like what @Karthik has mentioned, let’s hope that with the new ruling in place, things will get better.

I really think it is totally uncalled for to call out the world champion and questioned their credential.
It is sad to see that the winner needs to come forth and defend themselves.
(I have not been a world champ before, but i don’t think i would like the feeling of being questioned after winning)

Be it Bo1 format, or whichever regions the winners are from, i always believe that we should respect our winners.

Let’s give respect where respect is due.

All these questioning will only spread negativity, and it will not help anyone to grow.
Instead, i would rather focus on what were the one or two things that they had done better than my teams… And learn from them.


I’m not saying the winners are to be questioned, in fact, I think the winners are obviously the smartest minds and best drivers in the world, sure you can bring some question to it but they won, and they 999/1,000 chance deserved it. I brought up the suspicions for the general team. I agree that it also happens in the US, in fact there was a team at a local tournament that was raising eyebrows, but throughout the average of vex and vex iq, there’s a few teams that aren’t playing by the rules.


Dad Bots aren’t anything specific to a country or region. I’ve had to deal with numerous dad bots over the years in the USA. It’s not something unique to any place.

Let’s stop with these passive aggressive accusations of other places.


The sad thing is that this thread took a sinister turn. I was hoping that US teams could share secrets of their success and Chinese teams could share secrets of theirs. It is apparent that there are differences between approach - and it would be really interesting to highlight them. What is the secret sauce for Chinese teams and what is the secret sauce for US teams? Is the secret sauce any different? I think there is curiosity because there are not many Chinese teams posting here (I’m guessing language is the barrier).


Something that I’ve discussed with some friends of mine when they talked to Chinese teams and one of my students who speaks fluent Mandarin and talked with many teams at the US Open was just at how quickly they have to iterate and improve.

The teams we see at Worlds are truly their best.

But it’s a simple equation. More time spent working on your robot and improving, especially with driving and programming just yields better results overall.


Why are there so many small children on this team?


Well, I mean, last year in the later stages of the competition pretty much all of the good robots were “china-bots”, aka Mantises. They were just too good: there was no alternative that could compete very well (except for the idea that I came up with one day after states ended and I didn’t qualify for worlds… I could’ve done so well if I hadn’t scrapped my old robot [rambles on for hours])


because they start their kids young?

I am not sure how is it like in your region, but over in Asia, it is not uncommon to start kids at elementary school age on VRC (not Vex IQ).

Even in singapore, we start the kids at 9 or 10 year-old on VRC MS.
And even for my club, we dump our 12 or 13 year-old members into HS.


Exactly. Im a hong kong team and i always see people in china teams only knowing how to drive. Whenever the robot needs repairment or the code needs to be tuned, their instructor just helps them do it. Will be going to Beijing in August.


see u in Beijing then btw what’s ur team number

@doge 7984 Guess you already know me. Whats your team number?