Cholonayse–The fatstest robot in the wood

My latest bot that has a Omni-Wheel Swereve drive and an Open Differential in the back. I plan to install more advanced differentials soon:


What’s really cool about having a swerve drive is that the controls are more like driving a nice RC car, and hence more familiar. Great uses could be in robot soccer or a robot race.](

Just FYI that is not real swerve drive. Swerve drive is usually done with either Omni wheels or mecanum wheels. The omni wheels have to be mounted of the corners of the robot at a 45 degree angle from the edges. This allows the robot to strafe and move in any direction without turning.

isn’t what you’re talking about a holomolic drive? My bot just turns like a car.

holonomic, omni-directional, and mecanum drive systems all accomplish the same thing. a robot that can move in anydirection without turning.

A swerve drive (or crab drive) uses modules with wheels to rotate and drive as an omni-directional drive. The best example of a vex swerve-drive (and a really nice one, I might add) can be found here.

hey guys, just to point this out–I didn’t want to make a holomolic drive. I wanted my bot to turn like a car with a differential, and it does! Mission accomplished!!!

If anyone knows how to make mecanum wheels with vex, please tell me how

the robot that’s shown in the picture IS in fact a swerve drive even if it doesnt use the conventional type swerve steering in the front

a holonomic drive is as how corpralchee described the ‘swerve drive’

Aren’t swerve drives more efficient than mecanum and holomonic drives? because the wheels in swerve drives don’t skid very much, but in mecanum drivetrains, to go right you have to skid the wheels so the angled rollers on the meanums turn to make the robot go right.

skidding isn’t really good when you want a lot of speed or output energy of your drivetrain, because it uses up a lot more battery.

In a “swerve” or “crab” drive system, each wheel and the module attached moves either independently or in unified motion. Thus, allowing the robot to swerve around the field while keeping its original orientation.

yeah i know. I’m talking about in a mecanum and holomonic drive system. don’t the wheels skid a lot, causing friction?

From what I understand there shouldn’t be any skidding. However in real life you do get some skid but no where near as much as you would with tank drive.