Choo Choo Catapult

So now i’m starting to look at this more and I actually have 2 more motors left, 4-drive, 2-intake, and 2-lift. So do you guys think you could make a fast (like 1 fire per second)choo choo catapult with 2 motors. I was thinking this and a 5:1 or 7:1 gear ratio. Also, that it can shoot a cube over the wall or to the far zone agaisnt the wall.

Wait do you mean intake to load the balls and lift to lift yourself. Or intake to shoot the balls and lift to dump?

It is possible to make a choo choo that can shoot the stars with two motors definitely. There has already been a prototype with one motor that shoots the stars seven feet!!

Do u have video?

Here, let me pull it up.

Here’s the link.

Thats not choo choo.

this is

That’s a slip gear but the choo choo should be able to stand the same amount of stress. Just make sure you take your time building it and give it some support


Correct me if I’m wrong but i believe choo choo’s actually require more force. Their benefit being there is a spot where it stays without motor power having to be applied

That is what I found when I built mine, but the Wingus & Dingus style catapult used about the same amount somehow :confused:

Although it doesn’t pull back nearly the same amount. The one I built pulled back about 60˚ which I think is just about perfect for starstruck.

Does anyone have a design for vex parts, I am wondering if I use bar, c-channel, or what.

Or should I just do a slip gear.

I think that it’s much easier to make a strong and reliable slip gear catapult, but you will probably need to use a ratchet so that it doesn’t roll back from the force of the elastics.

What do you mean “roll back from the elastics”

The catapult arm will push the gear back when no motor power is being applied.

Also, I’d like to add that it is possible to make a catapult with a lot (theoretically, any amount) of strength with only one motor. You would just make it extremely slow.

Yeah, I’d rather just have a 4-6 motor catapult.