Choo Choo or Slip Gear?

There has been a lot of talk about usining a catapult for this years game. Which release mechanism do you think wouls work best? Im not entirely sure how a choo choo release works but I know that a slip gear would have to go lower than its resting position to fire.

Im going to do a slip gear, but I dont really think it makes that much of a difference.

I’m on #teamchoochoo, but I would like to say that slip gear is doable. The amount it would have to lower beyond a reasonable resting position is inconsequential.

My team is also doing a slip gear as we do not know how to build a choochoo with VEX parts.

I’m probably on team slip gear until someone proves a choochoo is feasible quickly. I know W&D had two styles of choochoo (traditional and rotational) but they were not easily replicable. A 60t slip gear cut for a catapult this past year could be easily re-positioned for a robot this year. But, if the choo choo is viable, it is the better mechanism because higher load capacity, no cutting gears, and movability (it can be placed all along the fulcrum).

I think Choo Choo and they are not hard to build. I built a functional one for nothing but net in 40 minutes first try. Also they are very fast.

Same here, (although not for NBN) They allow for more design freedom. They seem more complex, but once you build one you find they’re not at all complicated. The biggest problem is getting them to be strong enough. (I’m bending a screw with 5 high strength rubber bands) :stuck_out_tongue:

Thats why you want to make the resting position, which is also the launching position, at a high angle.

I built a “choo choo” and a slip gear catapult earlier in the year and they both had advantages and disadvantages:

Slip gear
Smaller; Takes less force to turn.

No neutral balancing point; The teeth of the gears would sometimes press into each other instead of weaving, causing it to jam, This can be easily stopped, but it lost us a match when we didn’t know about it.

Radial release
Smoother release; Neutral Balancing point.

Puts a lot of stress on the mechanism if not optimized; Requires more torque.

I’m personally going to use a slip gear because I’m more experienced with them, and I think that they can handle more force being applied to them. The lack of resting point can be overcome with a good ratchet.

I have heard that using a tray catapult with slip gears, you can make the lowering amount as it pulls back for release minimal by positioning a ratchet correctly. I’m having a hard time visualizing how this could be done. You guys have any ideas how this might be done?

I’d rather not care… They do practically almost the same thing, same concept right?

Single fly wheels so almost the same things as double flywheels. Same concept.

In all seriousness of you don’t know which mechanism to make for this game you can’t get anywhere

Think you can try asking 8059a on how they did it for nbn (or you can take a look at their reveal vid too). I must say that they spent lots of time to get the elastic tension right.

That’s kind of scary.

I have a hard time seeing how to get the stars into to the slip gear release. Like forklift style or basket or nether?

I am planning on using a forklift but it rotates to deposit the stars into the basket quicky

Pls no catipult, just lifts bb

I’ve seen this opinion voiced repeatedly as of recent. What advantages does a regular lift have over a catapult?

The advantages I see are the ability to dump stars over the fence (although this can be defended against with a wall bot). Also, with a lift you can take possession of the stars on the fence.

With a dump, you get half the points you potentially could with a catapult.