choosing between autonomous modes

How would you choose between different autonomous function since this year’s field isn’t symmetrical? And how would you test this in competition mode during practices

You can essentially do it the same way as before, presumably just switching rotation directions from what I assume you’re alluding to. Just anywhere the lack of symmetry shows up (parking) you vary the distance as well. That shouldn’t matter too often.

make a bunch of if statements based on potentiometer values and then turn the potentiometer before the match to whatever autonomous you want

just gotta code different autonomous runs for each spot


Red or blue, and you have no idea who you will be pair with and what their strengths/weaknesses are. You should have 4 different auto programs!


Having something like 8+ programs and a chart telling you how to set the robot and potentiometer is probably the best in terms of flexibility.

Unless you don’t care about the round robin matches and already have a partner team coming to the competition, you’ll need at a minimum 4 autonomous programs especially since autonomous is 4 unmovable points in a game where the lead can swing in seconds

And if you are running V5, code yourself a nice little menu for the touch screen and do away with the potentiometer.

I may be asking a question to which the answer is obvious, but how do you designate a program as the autonomous or driver control or even “competition” program in V5. Like when you plug the cable into your remote and the match starts, what program does it automatically run, and how do you change that?

Very similar to ROBOTC if you are familiar with that.

Check under Competition in the API above.

Thanks for that, but I’m using RobotMesh Studio Blockly (yes i know it’s graphical don’t mind that). Do you know of commands like that in robotmesh?

EDIT: I found the “competition” class on the RobotMesh python API, but it doesn’t show up in Blockly. Anyone know why?

EDIT AGAIN: I really need to know how to set up autonomous and driver control code in Robotmesh Studio Blockly. How do I do this?

For the V5, the Robot Mesh C++ environment already has the necessary code for competition. There is a release of RM Studio scheduled to release in two weeks (end of October) which will add competition hooks for Python and Blockly.