Choppy motors

Hi, yesterday our motors started acting choppy, they are stuttering. I first put it down to low battery, but we just put a fresh charge on it but it’s still doing it. Is it programming? I don’t think it is load as they worked fine even before I put our elastics on. These are on our lift, a horizontal powered scissor lift, with 2 393s on each side, these 4 motors are running on a power expander.

Hi and welcome to the forum,

Based on the information that you gave, this sounds like it may be a software issue.

Does your robot use a PID loop? Choppy behavior like you’re describing can be a result of improperly tuned PID constants.

Did the “choppiness” begin after adding elastics?


I agree with Charlie, this may be a programming issue. Can you post a copy of your code with the ‘code’ tags so we may debug these issues with you?

Thanks in advance!

Thanks Guys, i figured it out. I put in a manual level function by simply adding more joystick digital to motor blocks (this is my first time actually getting into coding) not realizing that multiple set motor functions running at the same time causes issues. I changed it to a series of if/else-if/else statements to achieve our level function on top of the normal lift function.