Christmas Countdown!!!

I’m a little bored and yet excited for Christmas so here is my Chirstmas Countdown:

Including today, 14 Days 'Till Christmas
Including today, 4 Days 'Till my Competition (Ontario Regional)

im looking forward to the kickoff on january 5th, i hope this years game is interesting.

13 days till christmas

20 days til 2008

Wow, Christmas has become way too commercialized! What is Christmas about now? Toys, Presents, money, it just shows you how greedy the world is today. It would be nice if we could have a true non-commercialized christmas.

What!!! No Vex!!!

I am just glad to have seen some “Family from Back East” (West Coast(ism) for People from the East Coast) this Holiday Season…

Just like your Parents should tell you “No to Drugs”, they should also tell you “No to Credit Debt” for Christmas Spending…

I totally agree with you that Credit Debt is destroying America, I am very much against Credit Cards, and I am not buying any christmas gifts with one.

with modern media and everyone consumed with the medias nonsense its hard not to have a commercialized chirstmas

I totally agree. I will protest the commercialization of Christmas after i get my

wow…that kind of completely defys the point
BTW 12 days 'till christmas!!!
and to those who aren’t celebrating christmas, happy holidays!

I know, I’m ethically Schizophrenic.

P.S. I am now a Senior Member

Congradulations on your Senior Membership, welcome to the club!:smiley:

i got an early christmas present a new silver ps2 my old one needs a new laser

8 days till christmas

Tommorow is Christmas!!!
:slight_smile: :smiley: :rolleyes: :eek: :cool:

And to those who don’t celebrate christmas, happy holidays!!

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays,
What did everyone recieve and what did everyone give?

I got a iPod nano and I helped my mom give my sisters a portable DVD players.

Merry Christmas! Happy Holidays! I got a cell phone.

i hope everyone else is also having a good morning so far:)

i got ac wii ps2 gh3 rc airplane a huge container for vex itunes card cable in my room and some other stuff and also 115$$$ and thats only from my mom dad 1moter 1servo 2x crystal upgrade dont know why some books oo7 movies some other movies madden 08

i got a laptop, casio exilim digital camera, visual basic game programming for teens, a couple other books, lots of candy, servo magazine subscription, a bit of vex, 2GB of memory for camera and a camera case