Christmas wish list for V5 features

V5 dev team must be very busy dealing with a myriad of immediate issues with the V5 rollout.

However, any engineering design process needs robust feedback loop, and I would like to start this thread for the community to put together a list of feature requests for V5, that could be implemented with relatively little effort, while having a potential to have positive impact on the V5 user experience.

Maybe some software features could be implemented in time for States and Worlds, minor hardware revisions - in time for the beginning of the next school year, and new products or more involved hardware mods - by the end of 2019.

Please, try to keep this thread positive, since we already have plenty of other threads to vent our V5 frustration.

For starters, I wish V5 brain had a special built-in help page, that would list all the diagnostic LED blink codes for V5 accessories (battery, motors, radio, etc…)

This way you don’t have to search the web or flip through the printouts, but have all version specific LED codes available right there with the current firmware.

Similarly, you could develop V5 apps that, instead of controlling robot, would provide some reference material on various V5 related topics, like motor specs, gear ratios, rubber band calculator, etc…

I wish RECF had created an online challenge for teams to submit their entries, with the best included either with future shipped V5 units, or as VCS examples for easy download (i.e. virtual V5 app store).

it may sound major but if you could take out the clips you maybe able to stop the breaking like on normal vrc

All I want is wireless programming

this… wireless helps when your coding port is broker than a mcdonalds mcflurry machine

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A decent Gyro! The Led touch buttons that IQ has.

Its embarrassing that IQ has a better sensor selection/quality.

also smaller motors. they can be less powerful, but not everything needs the monster V5 motor to work.

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@DRow can we get this moved to the “New Product Ideas” channel? I think it fits better there.

Wireless downloading and a better Gyro would top my list also.

v5 has been a great experience for our programmers, a better Gyro would continue in helping us expand that positive experience. It’d be funny if they could do an adapter for the IQ gyro allowing it to connect to the v5 brain & cables.

Wireless downloading is great, but you’ll eventually need to connect directly to the brain for things like Firmware updates. Maybe ditch Micro USB and move to another connector like USB C that helps to solve some of the issues that lead to broken ports.

My main wish list would be for updates to VCS to begin to roll out and for the VCS team to make more frequent and incremental changes to it.

I’m not skilled with comm. protocols and all that, but I wonder if there is a nice way to convert those I2C signals that the IQ sensors use into RS-485.

My biggest wish is that VCS becomes more usable. Not all of my teams are ready to handle PROS.

But the way VCS has been rolled out, given all they promised, and the deadlines they said they’d meet.

I hate to say it, but if I did that at my job I’d be fired. Writing good software is hard, but there’s been radio silence on the VCS end. They promised so many features and updates… but we’ve got nothing.

The lack of communication is killer though, and I find that unacceptable.

We took the dive on Pros. The kid hadn’t touched another programing software in his entire life, and has actually picked it up pretty quick.

I wish for a V5 speaker that came preloaded with Darude Sandstorm.

  1. Wireless downloading. As much fun as it is to make and use a DIY solution with a raspi, I’d really rather not have to do that much longer.

  2. Real feature and shipping roadmaps. The ones we have gotten so far have been… less than accurate.

How does one use a Rasberry Pi to download wirelessly? Might be nice for our team to know.

I’m not making a full guide, but as long as you have some linux knowledge you should be able to do what I said in this post:

For my Christmas V5 wish, i wish to actually have it. Ordered over 15 weeks ago

sHiPs iN EiGhT WeEkS

Faster shipping for the VEX Crimping tool XD
Still didn’t recieve ours yet, even after buying the crimping tool twice!
All I want for christmas is being able to not worry about wire length XD

Why not just use a normal rg9 crimping tool from home depot or something?

For the first day of christmas, VEX released,
A 3 wire cable expansion thing…