Chromebook does not recognize Gen 1 Brain using VEXcode IQ Chrome Ext

In my classroom multiple students are having issues connecting their school Chromebook to their VEXIQ gen 1 brain.

I know the usb cord and port on the brain are good because when I plug it into my desktop computer the brain is recognized by the VEXos Utility.

I checked to make sure they are using VEXcode IQ from the Chrome Web Store and not Google Play.

They have tried both ports on their Chromebooks.

Any other ideas?

Do Chromebooks have a high rate of failure of usb ports?


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Hi, this may be a problem with the accessibility of VEXCode, if you open settings then go to apps, and click VEXCode IQ, you can see what it can do, the settings should look like the image below.

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Thank you. I will try that. They are managed by the school so I do not know if I have access to those settings or not.

I checked one of the student’s settings and it did match what you showed in your screenshot. Might just be two bad usb ports. Seems unlikely but I’m not sure what else it could be.

Hello, I am a new sponsor and I just encountered the same problem: chromebook USB ports do not respond to the brain in any way. So I don’t think it’s a bad USB port; I think it’s either a setting issue or app issue.

I think I found another variable. Sometimes my students don’t follow directions and instead of downloading the Chrome VEXcode IQ App they try to use the web based one. I didn’t even know VEX had launched a web based one! The web based one does not work well with our school filters/Chromebooks so that might be why it was happening. The downloaded Chrome App works better.

Make sure you are using a high quality cable and that no other programs that are scanning the ports (like VexOS) are open.