Chromebook shows no brain connected

We just got the app from the chrome store and the program is not recognizing the brain? Updated the brain using VEXos utility… still nothing… switch to a windows computer running VEXcode IQ and brain icon turns green… need help with more troubleshooting

Is it a Dell? There was an issue with some Dell Chromebooks that the team are aware of.

yes they are dells… good to know that they are working on it

We have the following models

Chromebook 11 - 3189

chromebook 11

chromebook 3100

Cool. They said they had identified the issue so hopefully fixed in the next update.

Yes, it’s fixed.


not working with version 1.0.0-2009 SDK 0.4.2

is there a newer version?

We identified an issue with older Dell Chromebooks where it will not see the IQ / V5 brain when using VEXcode Blocks. This issue is resolved in our internals builds, but has not yet been published.

We’re expecting to release an update to resolve this issue by the end of August / beginning of September.


thank you!

classes start August 28th here… Sooner is better to have IT push out VEXCode to Chromebooks

Installing VEXcode IQ Blocks to your Chromebooks today will mean you’ll get the update as soon as it’s available - Chromebooks automatically keep installed applications up to date (assuming the IT Admins have not blocked that feature).

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ah, you do not work in public schools :slight_smile:
Autoupdates may not be something will allow - I will have better visibility on Tuesday as I am meeting with director of our district IT and assistant superintendent. The intent is to get things going as soon as possible… however, it is tight with school start.


to be honest, VEX/Robotmatter did not make life easier by pulling the VEX EDR training units for educator off line until end of September, after we need to have our new teachers ready without notice.

[edit - to be clear - I believe VEXcode and Training systems to be fantastic, but roll out timing is not tuned for schools in many ways… Yes I know it is new and we have roll with thing, but last year was supposed to be the roll with it year for V5]

Yeah, school admins lock it down pretty tight.

The V5 Educator Certification was previously based on STEM Labs that are no longer available and is currently being updated.


What might have been a smoother rollout was to leave a VCS/oldSTEM certification in place until the new system was up. Why? because a lot of certification is done during summer months to prepare for the school year. In some cases the week before school starts. Now we have no online certification for educators of V5 EDR … Think about transition plans more carefully. The educator certification was touted as operational at EP Summit, I took it, I liked it, and I assured my district leadership it was ready for our new teachers in our district. Then it is pulled off line with no announcements. This follows VEX’s delivery issues with V5 and VCS not being updated on the schedule claimed.

To be certain, the new revisions are important, but please do not leave a vacuum where it could have been avoided.

The latest update released today should resolve your issues related to Dell Chromebooks… we’re just waiting for Google’s review before it’ll show up as an update.