Chromebook VEX V5 issues

I have a STEM class of students using VEX V5 and Chromebooks. We’re currently doing the MedBot challenge.
Some Chromebooks are working fine. Connect to the brain, code works as expected.
Some Chromebooks connect to the brain, but the code results in the robot turning in a circle and not stopping.
Some Chromebooks won’t connect to the brain at all.

Any help appreciated!!

Sometimes using a different cable fixes it. Or connecting the robot by plugging in the controller instead of the robot.

If that doesn’t help, I would isolate the problem, try connecting a not working robot to a chromebook that did worked with another robot, and see whether the problem is the brain or the computer.


Thanks. We’ve just found out that if studnents set turn degrees to 2 degrees the robot turns constantly at a slow speed. It seems that for some robots the code is translating as turn speed rather than turn degrees??

Are they using .turn_for, or .turn…? or something else? .turn will just move forever, whereas .turn_for should only turn 2 degrees.

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They are using the Turn Left for block. Interestingly, when I change the code on my mac and then send it back to the students it seems to work for them on their Chromebook correctly??

Are they using the top or bottom one?


It sounds like your using the top one, and your students are using the bottom one.

Maybe they’re using theses:


But try using top one in the first image.

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Students are using the “Turn Right ofr 90 degrees” block. For some chromebooks it works fine, for others it seems to translate to a turning speed.

Is there any difference in your code? Do they have a different version of VEXcode then you?

All all Chromebooks the same spec and version or do the differ?

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I’m not sure. I will check this out during the next class I have with them.

No discernable difference in code. They send me their code by email and I open it on my mac. If I download their code directly to the robot it has the same problem of constantly turning when it reaches the first turn command. If I remove and replace the first turn command (with an identical block, so I don’t change their code) then the robot works, and all subsequent turn commands (that I didn’t replace) work too. If I then send this code back to the students and they download this to the robot then their code now works. It’s all very strange, but at least we seem to have a work-around at the moment.

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That is very strange.

Are you sure you don’t have a different update version to your students? There might be a bug in a newer or older version of VEXcode.
You can find the VEXcode version in File >> About.

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This sounds like a coding issue rather than a “runs different on different” machines.

Can you post the files of the code that is having this issue and then the “resolved” files that you modify?

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Hi, here is the code from the student, and the modification that I made, which was to swap their Turn for degrees block with an identical Turn for degrees block.

Teacher modified code.v5blocks (5.3 KB) Teacher modified code.v5blocks (5.3 KB)

Both files appear to be the same (and they have the same name).
Can you confirm which version of VEXcode is installed on the Chromebooks and Mac, the metadata in the file you attached suggests a very old version.


Sorry, here is the student version.Charlotte (1) (1).v5blocks (5.3 KB)

I think my mac is running an older version. I need to run an update.
Students downloaded the chrome app in February of this year.

I know this threads a bit old, but this is the exact same thing that’s happening in my classes. On some student Chromebooks, code won’t save. Others get compiling errors. If the code does load, it may or may not work (spin, not increment loops, etc.). I have determined it is the software/app. Sometimes uninstall/reinstall helps, but that too is inconsistent. May have to use the desktops.

Use the feedback system in VEXcode and include some details on the Chromebook model etc.

I mean, that’s really not very helpful.


Hi, I personally use a Chromebook to code on vex and I have only had issues where my cursor doesn’t line up perfectly with where I clicked and it has led to some problems but its easily fixable. Chromebooks arent made by one company there made by a variety like hp, asus, acer so as far as hardware is concerned some will work and other wont especially with older Chromebooks. Also Chromebooks are based off an android OS so its practically a desktop version of and Android phone