Circuit breakers on cortex

My team will be meeting allot leading up to the batavia competition. But recently we’ve been having problems with our motors. We think it may be because of our cortex, but we’ve not entirely sure yet.
We understand that there are 2 4-amp circuit breakers in the cortex. We have three motors on the same breaker. Two of those motors have been chained up to an additional wheel each. Also, we’ve switched to the high-speed gears on our wheelbase. We’re planning on moving those two motors to opposite breakers, while also flipping other motors on our intake system.
I wanted to ask people on the forum their ideas, and if they’ve had the same problem before. Also, was switching to the high-speed gears a good idea?

There is a 4 amp PTC on ports 1-5 and a separate 4 amp PTC on ports 6-10. Try to split the motor load across the two sides as well as possible.

While the PTCs are rated for 4 amps, they can deliver more than double that for a few seconds. Even at 4 amps they don’t go on forever (about 60 seconds). There are tons of threads about this stuff on the forum.

2-4 amp circuit breakers with three motors on the same breaker, so yes switching to the high speed gears was a good idea, only question is how much did it cost ya?

When you buy a 393 motor module, they come with 2 sets of gears. The torque gears come installed in the motors, and the so we gears come in a small plastic bag. So speed gears are no additional cost, from the cost of the motor. I hope that helps.:slight_smile:

Much appreciated and a very informative thread!