Circuit Diagram Help, Please

I am trying to coach my middle school team to be more engineer like in their engineering notebook. With some instruction, I believe they are more than capable of producing a simple circuit diagram of their robot in their notebook. This would help tremendously with their troubleshooting. It’s been forever since I’ve taken drafting, so a question…

I’ve found the symbols for microcontrollers and PTCs. Is there a good way to represent the 2 PTCs in the microcontroller? I want to help them to understand that the choices of where they wire motors should be done thoughtfully to reduce the chances of stalling on the field.

Thank you in advance

this is the symbol i found for PTC thermsistors

This may help. Not a schematic but my interpretation of the power distribution in block diagram form.
Power distribution and status display for the cortex

Thank you both!! :slight_smile: