Citing Notebooks

Quick Question :
If I use some ideas from other notebooks, do I have to cite that notebook in mine? If so, how do I do it?

Hi there!
Citations from outside sources are allowed, so I want to say that it would be the same from other notebooks. Here’s a link that shows what makes a great notebook:
For citations, I would use a format that you are using to keep all of your information organized. Maybe place a link to their notebook, explain which team it came from, and what you liked about it that you wanted to use.
I hope this idea helps you!

Would it be better to not cite the notebook at all, or still cite it?

I would say site it and give the idea some credit.

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citations in notebooks are pretty easy, just credit the team number, website, or author. If im citing a youtube video, and its a vex team, i cite the team number. If its not a vex team, cite the channel name. If its not a video, site the website, etc, etc.


Credit and cite other peoples work … to do otherwise could be considered to be unethical.