Clarification of connected home row in autonomous for live remote tournaments

In scouring the manual update from 1 October 2020 and here in the forum I have not found a clear answer to this question so let me tap your brain:

The rules for an in-person Change Up competition are quite clear that in order to earn the autonomous win point bonus you need to complete your home row during autonomous. This is accomplished by having a ball of your alliance color on top for each goal in the home row.

It’s much less clear for a live remote tournament what it takes to earn this. Is it:
a) still having a ball of your color on top
b) having a larger score for each goal than the opposing alliance (which is consistent with the other scoring changes for a live remote tournament)?

Here’s the quote from the live remote section of the manual that doesn’t offer any clarity:

An Autonomous Win Point is awarded to any Alliance that completes a Connected Row using their Alliance Home Row at the end of the Autonomous Period. A point bonus is awarded to the Alliance that has the most points at the end of the Autonomous Period.



I am going to rely heavily on this rule for the following interpretation.

Going through a heirarchy of definitions for live remote tournaments and normal tournaments, an autonomous win point is granted if the alliance completes a connected row with their home row. A connected row is defined as a row where all three goals in a row are owned by the same alliance. Ownership is defined as having the higher alliance goal score. (the only definition in this sequence that is altered by live remote tournament rules is ownership)

So, we can define the criteria for getting the autonomous win point as:
Having the higher alliance goal score on the three goals in their alliance’s home row

Which brings up the question of <SG2>, which explicitly states that no alliance can cross the autonomous line. <SG2> is not cancelled out by any rules in the live remote tournament section, so the score that an alliance must beat to earn the autonomous win point is fixed. It is 6 because each goal on the home rows has one of each color, amounting to three points each goal each field no matter the alliance for each team by default assuming nothing can change (which it can’t for the opposing alliance because of <SG2> and <SG7>)

Hence, in order to win the autonomous bonus, we can simplify the rules to:
The alliance must have a alliance goal score higher than 6 on each goal in their home row.

DISCLAIMER: I could be wrong because this is a long post and a long thought process.

Manual link


Yeah, I don’t think there’s any ambiguity here. Live remote tournaments have a different definition of “Owned” - that doesn’t mean that the definition is changed for one part of the match but not for the other.