Clarification of <R4>

According to what Karthik said, he said that we can extend as far upward as we wanted. But the screenshot of the game manual states that robots must start within 18 x 18 x 18.
Does anyone in the community have a clarification of what he means, or this is a mess up of the manual?

It means you start at those dimensions but you can only expand horizontally until 48". The sky is the limit if you want to expand vertically.

<SG14> As per <G3>, at the beginning of a Match, each Robot must be smaller than a volume of 18”
(457.2 mm) long by 18” (457.2 mm) wide by 18” (45.72 mm) tall. Once the Match begins, Robots
may expand up to an area of 48” (1.21 m) long by 48” (1.21 m) wide and may not exceed this limit for
the duration of the Match.
a. There is no height limit on Robot expansion.

You must start in 18" × 18" × 18". After the match starts, you can extend up to 48" × 48" × ∞" (L × W × H).

Ok thank you very much!