Clarification of <R7> e.

Hi Karthik,

<R7> e. states

Are we allowed to use Chapstick as a “grease” on our robot? We did some testing and it actually works very well.



You asked this in a public discussion forum, and not in the official Q&A. If you need an official response, you should ask there.

If you are looking for an unofficial opinion, ChapStick is camphor (a waxy substance from trees), beeswax, petroleum jelly and other stuff that adds color and flavor. In other words, it’s mostly wax and Vaseline. “Wax” and “lubricating grease” are not the same thing.

If I had never heard your question, and you showed up in my inspection line with ChapStick lubricating the moving parts on your robot (that did not violate any other rules) I would have passed it as being essentially the same thing as grease from a tube. Now that you have asked the question and I spent 15 minutes of my Sunday looking into the contents of ChapStick and the difference between wax, petrolatum and lubricating grease, I think you should ask in the official Q&A. :slight_smile:

Ooooh, you’re right, I must have been really tired when I posted this. Thanks for the unofficial answer though!