Clarification of "Roughly Parallel" Cube

I am looking for a clearer definition of “roughly parallel” in the ruling for:
Scored - A Game Object is Scored if it satisfies one of the following conditions, and is not touching a

b. A Ball is Scored on top of a Cube if it meets the following criteria:
i. The Ball is at least partially above the side of the Cube with cross-beams.

  1. The side of the Cube with cross-beams is the side which is furthest away from
    (and roughly parallel to) the Floor.
    How much of variance is determined to be roughly parallel? I have cubes landing within another cube, cubes on balls, cubes on the field perimeter and other situations that I cannot clearly explain to the students without a doubt that the balls on top are/aren’t scored.

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You’d have to ask on the Q and A but I’d say roughly parallel means the side that is most parallel with the floor.

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I think all of your examples would count. They want the cross to be away from the floor, as opposed to towards the floor.

The “roughly parallel” wording is inherently problematic…


There isn’t any advantage for the cube to be at an angle.

If you want balls to stay on top it has to be “roughly parallel” - otherwise they will fall.

I apologize if my question was vague. If the cubes are not parallel, it will definitely will be harder to score but do the balls on top count? Is it going to be counted as long as the angle is less than 45 degrees which means the crossbeams are still the furthest point away from the field or will it be a much lower variance? I know this isn’t the Q&A but I wanted to see other opinions as VEX Forums are a lot quicker at getting opinions as I await a response for the Q&A.

The question that might be asked is… How far does a cube need to be turned so it is no longer roughly parallel?

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And I usually post a question here before going to the Q And A. I wish everyone would!


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