Clarification of rule <R4> b.


I’d like some clarification around <R4> b. which states following:

<R4> b. Fit within a 13” x 20” area, bounded by the Starting Position

This seems ambiguous to me (with some real world consequences). Does this rule mean that robot must fit within empty 13"x20"x15" box, or it must fit within Starting Position? There is a difference, since my understanding is that starting position on the field consists of 13"x19" flat area, plus additional 1" in the back, but this additional 1" is raised as this is part of perimeter of the field.

If there is a robot that fits within 13"x20"x15" box, but it does not fit into Starting Position (because robot’s side that touches perimeter is completely flat and does not take advantage of the perimeter overhang), is such robot legal?


No, this would not be legal, since the Robot would not be able to placed on the field in a legal configuration.